Sports Gallery would be privileged to support your next fundraiser or silent auction. We can provide custom, elegantly framed photographs and autographed pieces, authentic sports memorabilia, sports cards, equipment and more. While we specialize in sports collectibles, you’ll find other framed pieces with celebrity and Cincinnati themes in our store.

To use our fundraising or silent auction services, there are a few things to know before giving us a call:

  • A minimum bid will be placed on each item up for auction. The minimum bid is equal to the retail price at Sports Gallery.
  • Your charity or fundraiser will receive all proceeds from each item in the auction in excess of the minimum bid for each piece.
  • Bidders will purchase the items from the event organizer, who will then pay Sports Gallery the minimum bid amount for each item sold.
  • Any items left unsold at the end of the event are to be returned to Sports Gallery in the condition in which they were received, per silent auction agreement.
  • The organizers of the event are responsible for paying Sports Gallery for all items sold at auction, as well as any unsold items until they are returned to Sports Gallery.

There is no risk associated with using Sports Gallery for your next fundraiser or silent auction. If the items do not sell, your organization will take no loss from the efforts. We would be happy to arrange an appointment to further discuss the needs of your upcoming event.

Don’t wait, give us a call!